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1. How to Apply

We are looking for determined athletes who can represent our name in front of Sporting Events, Competitions, on their Social Media, YouTube channels and more. If you think you have what It takes to become a Brand Ambassador apply here!

2. Where to Apply 

We need you to write to us on contact@rapz.com about why we should accept you for on our sponsorship program. The email must include the following:
  • Your Full Name, contact information & DOB
  • Introduction of yourself 
  • Athletic ambitions & accomplishments 
  • All relevant social media profiles of yourself
  • Social media following 

3. Sponsorship 

3 Stages of our sponsorship program:
Stage 1: You will firstly be placed into stage 1. 
Here you will get a unique code. This allows you to have up to 50% discount on the store. You will also receive a 20% Discount code for your social media viewers. When a customer uses your code at check out, you receive 15% commission, when more than 100 customers use your unique discount code you will be placed onto the next stage. + 60% OFF FOR YOURSELF ON OUR WHOLE STORE!
Stage 2: Here you will receive free RAPZ equipment, funding to help with training, call with the CEO of the company and a lot more. Furthermore, you will receive custom training wear including t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and special clothing for events. Your aim here is to reach 1,000 customers with your special code. Then you can move onto the next stage. 
Stage 3: Congratulations, you're one of the faces of RAPZ UK. Here you will receive a £5,000 sponsorship contract. Exclusive highly paid photoshoots. Earn up to £2,000 per photoshoot.  
Apply at: contact@rapz.com  Good Luck!