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    Building those rock-hard abs has never been easier thanks to our Power Abs Roller Wheel Machine! Equipped with a comfortable wheel, this ab roller was designed to provide killer ab workouts and give an overall toned look to them.

    There are two easy-to-grip handle bars on the ab wheel which features a curved design to intensify the ab workouts. Not only does this abs wheel help bring out those ab muscles, but it also strengthens other muscles in the body including those in the back and thighs.

    Best part of all, our ab roller wheel can be used from the comfort of your home. Simple place the abs roller machine onto an even surface and roll the wheel forward and backward for 10 minutes per day.


    Trial and tested by professional MMA fighters and athletes.

      Fast Burning Fat - Aim, faster to burn belly fat. Complete 3 sets of movements, you can feel the heat of the abdomen. Compared to squats, it can reduce pressure on your lower back and avoid straining your lower back muscles.

      Multi-angle work: wide wheel and ergonomic handles, ensuring smooth rolling, supporting forward work and bevelling. Support full progress of abdominal chest exercise and make exercise more interesting.

      Wear-resistant and silent: it consists of a non-slip layer, reinforcement layer, shock-absorbing layer, sound-absorbing layer and a support layer. It is resistant to wear and tear and does not hurt the ground and has a good silent effect.